A Responsive Website

Tenino Telephone Company was ready for an updated website, so we delivered! See for yourself at www.teninotelephone.com.

First, I picked a responsive WordPress theme that could be customized to suit the client’s specific needs. Every element resizes and stacks according to the viewer’s device.

Next, it was time to focus on the structure and aesthetic details: the panel sequence, icon style, fonts, photos, colors, header images, buttons, and accordion-reveal interfaces. What looks so clean and easy to understand takes a lot of refinement to achieve.

A full day photo-shoot followed. After scouting the site in advance, we positioned stools, hay bales, benches, and 4 ft rolls of optic cable (whew!). I was both the art director and photographer on this occasion. The participants were all good sports!

Next, we did the same for their sister company in Kalama. See for yourself at www.kalamatelephone.com.